High Fibre Grass Seed

Animal Nutrition’s own blend of high fibre grass seed

The seed is sold in 25 kg (approx) bags for $473. Sufficient for re-sowing 1 hectare.

Made to order only – please email us to order or fill in the online order form

Please note due to limitations on freighting within New Zealand currently, we do need to allow extra time for shipping. This has also impacted the type of seed available to be used. Please make contact if you wish to discuss.


LWT Animal Nutrition has its own blend of high fibre grass seed for sale. For anyone who wants to sow more horse-friendly pasture – this mix has been successfully used in the Manawatu since 2007. It is designed to maximise the levels of fibre in grass as much as possible all year round – diluting the sugars that are problematic in horses. In addition, its deeper rooting system makes it more drought resistant and improves top soil depths, through increased interactions between root and soil particles. On wetter areas its root depth increases drainage depth and reduces pugging on ground.  As an added bonus, the biomass from this seed is high – giving good crops of hay or baleage.

Of course, your grass is only as good as the soil it grows in, so we recommend carrying out soil tests and fertilising accordingly, to secure best growth. For best results, spray off the paddocks and direct drill the seed over the top. Alternatively, older, non-ryegrass paddocks can be eaten down and then direct drilled. Care must be taken with ploughing up paddocks, as residual weed seeds can then flourish and will need appropriate herbicide control once the new paddock is established.

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