NZ Registration

Feed ingredients and supplements require registration with MPI. This is to ensure the the product is SAFE for the handler, animal and consumer and the dose and form has been shown to have EFFICACY in the animal. Potential residues in meat and eggs must also be considered where relevant.

For basic nutrients, these must be checked by MPI to ensure they are produced to consistent, high quality standards.

For products with claims above basic nutrients (e.g. ones that are effective in the gut, such as mycotoxin binding, natural alternatives to AGPs, antioxidants, enzymes, nutraceuticals and plant extracts) that do not appear on approved lists with MPI, these must be registered. Currently this involves the production of chemistry and manufacturing and efficacy data volumes. Even if your ingredient is the same as another companies – it must have approval. Such regulation is done to ensure the safety and benefits in feed mills, in the animal and for the end consumer of meat and eggs.

If you are developing an ingredient for animal feed or supplement use, please feel free to contact us regarding what is required for registration. We can help build data volumes for you, examine documentation for suitability for submission and advise on the information required. We are listed as consultants and data assessors as well.


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