LWT can assist with your individual horse’s or dogs needs by conducting feed assements and evaluations. The cost is $115 per horse inc GST excl travel (if required). If you have a group you can get together, Dr Waldron is able to assess them on a daily basis (approx 10 per day) and split any travel costs accordingly. Contact Dr Waldron directly if you need further assistance with this.


Our consultancy rates have increased (post covid) to NZ $315 per hour plus GST for ad hoc and short term work or NZ $240 per hour plus GST for retainer work and longer-term projects (>3 months). Time taken during travelling (excluding long haul flights) is priced at 33% of our standard hourly rate. These prices cover all writing and scientific consultancy work that is primarily office-based. Many of our clients are overseas, and, as such, we try to combine meetings and work during these trips to keep travel expenses to a minimum.


LWT provide fixed prices for certain registration work – for example, assessment of all document prior to submission for AVCM for MPI is NZ$9350 plus GST. For preparation of ACVM Chemistry & Manufacturing and Efficacy Data Volumes, we charge a fixed rate of NZ$21,090 plus GST. All other registration work is charged as required on an hourly rate. Please note that LWT is listed on the MPI consultants page.


LWT charges a minimum fixed rate of NZ$12,760 plus GST literature reviews of single ingredients, which involves an in-depth search of the available published data on an ingredient or product, plus effective dose levels and any toxicity data, as required. We can tailor quotations to each clients needs based on the scope required.

For press/media articles, a minimum rate is NZ$3840 plus GST is applied. For writing up full journal papers (excluding statistics) a typical costs is NZ$9600 plus GST


These can be tailored to meet individual requirements and are quoted for accordingly. All our independent seminars are advertised on the website and elsewhere, and include details of costs and registration. A discounted rate is available for groups exceeding 20 people. We can cater for all levels of delegates – from pony and riding clubs to training for feed industry professionals and related occupations (e.g., veterinary). Alternatively, if you wish to book us to run your own required training or CPD course, then the cost is NZ$3480 plus GST and travel. This includes initial preparation time for the level of information required.


Trials are individually quoted for, working on costs including pens, technicians, feed and forage, lab work, extra technical and sampling requirements). We can run any aspects of research, from simple hiring of facilities by clients, to full planning, organising and reporting, according to clients needs. Depending on the research being conducted, we can accommodate animals comfortably in large individual stalls/pens. For calf trials, we can accommodate 10 calves loose per large pen (which exceeds the space requirement laid down in welfare standards), or six if individually housed. We also provide grazing-based research if required, where all paddocks have same fertiliser history and grass mixtures. Our close relationship with specialist scientists and veterinarians means we can accommodate other work as required – subject to ethical approvals. Colleagues at Massey University are used for specialist needs during trials. Overseas work is welcome. Analysis of samples is conducted at Massey University’s accredited laboratory services. A list of analytical costs is available upon request.


This is priced on an individual basis depending on the amount of involvement required. Clients should use NZ$240 plus GST per hour as a budgeting price.

All enquiries are quoted for on an individual basis. Contact us for further information.


Dr Lucy Waldron is available for public speaking, conferences and as an independent expert for technical sales requirements by commercial companies. Please contact the office directly to discuss your needs.


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