LWT has been increasingly involved in climate change and ag emissions work for the past decade. Currently we have various projects (long and short term) investigating how to feed dairy cows to prevent N excretion and limiting GHG production. There are many exciting new developments globally to control methane from ruminants, which have been registered […]

M bovis in NZ – using Credence to eliminate and control on farm

With the news last week regarding more cases on M. bovis on farms, the importance of destroying this bacterium and ensuring your premises, equipment and trucks are free of contamination is increasingly important. An effective biosecurity program is essential on all farms to control disease – but not all disinfectants can penetrate the biofilm produced […]


Now available throughout NZ โ€“ a tried and tested blend (since 2006) of pasture seeds developed to optimise fibre content throughout the growing season. Available with or without perennial (non-endophyte) rye grasses, no clover, just a mix of high fibre, deep rooted plants, which mature (maximum fibre) at different times of the year to reduce […]

Selecting food and supplements for pets

LWT Animal Nutritionists have long experience in the development of pet foods across the world. From gravies to kibble, we have been involved in many novel products. We get a lot of questions regarding pet food and supplements: What is the best for my animal? How much should I feed? What are the quality standards […]

NZ registration animal feed ingredients and supplements

Feed ingredients and supplements require registration with MPI. This is to ensure the the product is SAFE for the handler, animal and consumer and the dose and form has been shown to have EFFICACY in the animal. Potential residues in meat and eggs must also be considered where relevant. For basic nutrients, these must be […]

Horse nutrition – after the NZ drought…

Many horse owners in NZ have seen lush spring grass appear following the long dry summer drought. This grass is typically high in sugar and low in fibre, a big change from the dry, high fibre grasses of late summer. In addition, the autumn weather promotes the growth of fungi in grasses, which leads to […]

Corona virus

We do hope all our clients are coping well with level 4 lockdown in NZ and various other confinements and limitations throughout the world. Currently we are very busy with editing papers for journals (as lots of academics obviously have time to write currently) and product registration. Please note that we are OPEN FOR ALL […]

Biosecurity during calving – get your Credence in now

Credence is a sanitiser and disinfectant with great broad spectrum efficacy against bacteria, fungi and viruses, including rotavirus, M. bovis and Salmonella spp. Please see the research attached on the product page. We do not sell the product – order online from Animal Health Direct in Hastings, NZ. Much more human and animal friendly than […]

Horse friendly pastures in NZ – our mix

Since 2006, Dr Lucy Waldron has worked with specialist seed mixers to produce a horse friendly pasture mix. Lucy has grown this on her own property with great results – large amounts of biomass making excellent hay and baleage. The secret is the mix of species used – all high in fibre and designed to […]

Need help with conference proceedings? Online publishing?

LWT can help! With long experience in producing seminars and conference proceedings large and small, we can help you organise all the papers, from submission to final proofs, or just the final editing – whatever is needed. Our established links with publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Taylor and Francis, Wageningen Academic Press and CSIRO […]

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