Dr Lucy Waldron

BSc (Hons); PhD Registered Nutritionist (UK and NZ) Research Fellow (Massey) Accredited Animal Scientist (BSAS),

Member Assoc. for Nutrition (UK), and Nutrition Soc (NZ); Assoc. Ruminant Nutritionists; NZ Pet Food Manufacturers Assoc

Editor in Chief NZ Grasslands Journal & Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition

Scientific Editor British Poultry Science

Dr Lucy Waldron

Dr Lucy Waldron started working in the animal feed industry in 1991, after completing a BSc Hons degree at the University of Lancaster, UK, where she studied biological sciences, specialising in animal physiology, biochemistry and microbiology. From 1992 – 1995 she completed a PhD at Harper Adams University College in the UK where she developed methods for modeling digestion of different cereal varieties in monogastric animals, developing and comparing in vivo and in vitro methods for assessing energy release from starches and digestion characteristics of cereals.

After working as a commercial trials officer running research involving various species of farmed animals and crops, Lucy was employed as a technical manager within the newly flourishing feed enzymes business. Other commercial roles held during the late 1990s and 2000s included the development and commercialisation of metabolic compounds, nutraceutical and fermentation-based feed ingredients, and involvement in all aspects of nutrition within a variety of animal species –poultry, pigs, calves, lambs, cats, dogs and horses. Her work has taken her to more than 56 countries worldwide, giving her broad experience of feeding practices, research requirements, nutrition, diet formulation, feed raw materials and commercialisation of animal feeds and supplements. She has worked in product registration with EFSA (EU); FDA (USA) and MPI (NZ), Canada, Australia, as well as in other countries across Asia, constructing documents for submission or running trials to meet requirements. I the last decade, she has investigated and been an expert witness on the role of animal feeds and management on climate change and emissions from farms.

Lucy has been closely involved in many projects where natural or alternative solutions to potentially problematic additives (e.g., antibiotics, chemicals) are sought, as well as investigating the human health and animal welfare benefits of novel feeding strategies. She has been involved in writing numerous scientific books, and is currently the Editor in Chief of two scientific journals. Her expertise and commercial experience includes pig, ruminant and poultry production as well as equine nutrition and companion animals.

Dr Lucy Waldron holds an emeritus position at Massey University in New Zealand as a Research Fellow, and various post-graduate students have passed through her hands in her capacity as an MSc and PhD supervisor and examiner.  She is a member of the Royal Society NZ and a Registered Animal Scientist with the British Society of Animal Science in the UK (

Dr Shay Rutherford

BSc (Hons) PhD NutrSci; R.Nutr (NZ)

Dr Shay Rutherford

Dr Shay Rutherford has her own business Pet Nutrition Consulting Ltd but is contracting back to LWT when we require her assistance on projects.

Dr Rutherford completed a BSc degree majoring in Animal Science at Massey University, NZ in 2001. Following graduation, she began working as a Research Assistant at the university, working on a wide range of nutrition trials in various species, which lead to her completing an MSc degree in palatability enhancers for cats. In 2004 she joined a large pet food company in NZ as Product Development Technologist, and later returned to Palmerston North as a commercial pet food Quality Assurance specialist.

Dr Rutherford later returned to Massey University to undertake a PhD in companion animal nutrition where she studied the dietary requirements of working dogs. Throughout her PhD, Shay was also involved in numerous research studies in animal and human nutrition, particularly with cats, dogs, pigs and rats. Her broad research interests, combined with her commercial work in the pet food industry, has given her in-depth knowledge and experience of animal nutrition, pet food manufacturing processes, diet formulations, new product development and marketing, label regulations, quality audits and all facets of nutritional research, including animal handling and sampling techniques.

Assoc Prof. Dave Thomas

BSc (Hons); PhD

Dr Thomas has been working closely with LWT since its inception. He completed a BSc Honours degree in Zoology at Dundee University in 1990 which was followed by a PhD in Deer Seasonality at the University College London from 1991 to 1995. During his research, he also worked at London Zoo with exotic species. Since 2003 he has been a lecturer and researcher in animal science and nutrition at the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey University and now holds the post of Senior Lecturer, where he is responsible for directing the Feline and Canine research facilities. He is the study director for the horse and calf feeding trials conducted with LWT at their private facility.

Although working for Massey University, Dr Thomas has become an integral and valued member of the LWT team, providing scientific support and involvement in nutrition projects, training seminars and research trials. He has supervised many successful post-graduate students and is an active promoter of commercial research for the University. The partnership between LWT and Massey has been going since 2006, when Dave and Lucy decided to build their own equine feeding trial site. Since then, the two parties have been involved in mutual nutrition research in cats, dogs, horses and calves. LWT is proud to support Massey University Nutrition Laboratory and their animal trials facilities for testing feed ingredients.

Rachel Coward

BSc Animal Sci

Rachel has been with LWT since 2018. After obtaining her degree at Massey University in 1999, Rachel moved overseas to complete a 3 month internship at a large animal nutrition company based in Kentucky. There Rachel worked on in vivo and in vitro trials to assess the efficacy of natural antibiotic-alternatives to improve poultry nutrition. Following the US, Rachel lived in England for 4 years working for feed manufacturing companies, predominantly Sun Valley Foods Ltd, a poultry producing subsidiary of Cargill, based in Herefordshire. This is where Rachel first met Lucy Waldron. At SV, Rachel was the Quality Assurance Manager of the poultry feedmill, gaining a thorough understanding of quality systems in a manufacturing setting and extensive data collection for the nutritional team to aid feed formulation (FORMAT) and enhance poultry health. Rachel supported the nutritional team with offsite poultry trials and data analysis. On returning to NZ in 2004, Rachel worked as a Technical Sales Manager (animal health division) for a company providing custom blends of nutritional components. Products blended ranged from vitamin and mineral premixes for livestock and companion animals, to liquid delivery systems for animal health products. In this position Rachel worked closely with the customer and her company’s food technologists to create commercially viable solutions that worked in the field. Prior to working with Lucy and Shay, Rachel has been carrying out contract work in the animal nutrition field while raising a family. Rachel assists in scientific and technical information and registration work.


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