M bovis in NZ – using Credence to eliminate and control on farm

With the news last week regarding more cases on M. bovis on farms, the importance of destroying this bacterium and ensuring your premises, equipment and trucks are free of contamination is increasingly important. An effective biosecurity program is essential on all farms to control disease – but not all disinfectants can penetrate the biofilm produced by mycoplasmas to kill the bacteria. Credence has been shown both in research and on farm to be highly effective at penetrating biofilms and if effective against mycoplasma spp., with an MIC of 900 ppm. Credence is cheaper and easier to use than many other disinfectants, lasts for a long time with fast kill rates and is safer for humans, animals and equipment (being much less corrosive). Registered with MPI NZ as a disinfectant and a stock wash.

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