Registration of products with MPI in NZ

There have been a great deal of changes in MPI registration in the last few years. We have had many clients, old and new, facing new challenges regarding how best to register their products within NZ. MPI has been reviewing many previously exempt animal feed ingredients, and asking for extra information. If you are concerned about your products status, or need help with maintaining the ability to sell within NZ – do email us. We have many years experience with regulatory affairs globally (since 1996) and work for clients globally to assist with such work. LWT is a recognised efficacy data assessor with MPI – but we normally produce the Data Volumes for clients, and then send to a partner assessor we have worked with for years. We find this to be the most efficient way to process such dossiers. We can also assist with overseas registration for the USA, EU and Asia. LWT is a member of EFFASCO – a group of specialist regulatory affairs companies in Europe, who partner together to assist in achieving registration within the animal feed sector.

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