Horse friendly pastures in NZ – our mix

Since 2006, Dr Lucy Waldron has worked with specialist seed mixers to produce a horse friendly pasture mix. Lucy has grown this on her own property with great results – large amounts of biomass making excellent hay and baleage. The secret is the mix of species used – all high in fibre and designed to head throughout the growing season, diluting the risk of high sugar grass flushes. Of course, grass is only as good as the soil its sown into – so do think about getting your soil tested and fertilised appropriately before investing in new seed. We keep track of the tests over the harvest years and have seen consistently low levels of SSS (starch and soluble sugars) in the baleage produced off these pastures. This years results will be made public after lockdown when lab reopens. We also use a probiotic inoculant treatment (to add the good bugs to the fermentation) and Silostop gas exchange wrap to maximise nutrient values and minimise spoilage and lost bales.

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