If you own a small block of land, you may own a variety of animals, however all of them need clean, safe water and you will need a way to keep equipment, feed buckets and buildings free of potential pathogens that can cause disease and or poor growth. CREDENCE protects against a multitude of disease-causing organisms. In addition, once cleaned with a stronger solution of CREDENCE, a simple rinse with water will dilute the CREDENCE down to drinking water levels, ensuring it’s safe for animals to ingest. It’s especially useful for tricky equipment such as calfeterias and it can be used as a spray for calf and lamb bottle teats, so they can be used between animals without disease transfer.

A trial was run on bacteria in teats from milk feeder bottles. Credence was applied as a spray to the teats at a concentration of 1500 mg/l for 5 seconds. The teats were swabbed 30 seconds after treatment for colonising bacteria, and compared to rinsing in water alone (66 CFU at tip and 32 CFU at base of teat) or no cleaning (34 at tip and 68 CFU at base of teat). A huge reduction in contamination was seen for the Credence treated teats, down to non-detectable levels. In addition, CREDENCE has excellent penetration of the fatty bio films that build up on feeding equipment, making it safe without manual scrubbing or soaking.

Unclean feed and water buckets are a potential source of disease, as they harbour all kinds of pathogenic micro-organisms which secrete toxins that cause disease. Trials have shown that CREDENCE is an effective disinfectant for all types of feeding troughs and buckets. In the research below, swabs from feed troughs showed 80% contamination before CREDENCE was used to clean them out (<10% contamination). Once the cleaning stopped, troughs were rapidly re-infected, to 100% contamination levels.

Preparing hygienic accommodation for your animals, including kennels and stables, is important for limiting disease exposure. Wooden buildings are an especially risk as the wood may be chewed, although this is not a problem if they have been cleaned with CREDENCE. Laboratory studies using swabs from farm buildings show that CREDENCE is effective at reducing levels of contamination – protecting animals against disease.

Bacterial contaminationCalf Pen
High contamination swabs62.5%11%
Uncontaminated swabs0%53%

Water troughs and tanks can harbour a multitude of toxin producing organisms, including fungi, algae and bacteria. Samples from troughs fed by treated town water showed that they can still harbour various pathogens that can cause problems in animals. In addition, toxic algal blooms in dams during summer months can be fatal to animals, especially dogs.

SpeciesUntreatedCredence 24 hours
Pseudanabaena (toxic algae)1000 CFU/ml380 CFU/ml
Aphanocapsa (toxic algae)1600 CFU/mlUndetected
Phormidium (toxic algae)1100 CFU/mlUndetected

CREDENCE is a slow release form of chlorine which has good residual effects in water (treatment every 6-8 weeks typically) and effective as a disinfectant solution. In dams it can persist for up to 12 months, keeping water clear of any pathogens. It has none of the negative effects of copper sulphate (blue crystals) which cause mineral overloading leading to brittle bones and toxicity. It is easy to use, very cost effective and less toxic and corrosive than other sanitisers available.

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