CREDENCE – for safe drinking water and clean equipment and facilities for calves

  • Water troughs, calfeterias and calf feeders need effective cleaning?
  • On a rural water supply?
  • Does your rearing facility have a history of disease transmission?
  • Do you need an effective, easy to use disinfectant that is safer for animals and humans and less corrosive?

CREDENCE is now available in New Zealand to solve these problems

CREDENCE is effective against toxic bacteria, protozoa, viruses, algae and fungi:

Listeria monocytogenesFaecal coliformsAspergillus
SalmonellaPseudomonas aeruginosaCladosporium
E. coliClostridiumCitrobacter freundii
Campylobacter jejuniGiardia lambiaAeromonas hydrophila
Shigella sonneiLeptospira interrogans ser.IcterohaemorrhagiaeAvian influenza virus
Staphylococcus aureusYersinia enterocoliticaRotavirus
Streptococcus dysgalactiaeCanine parvovirusToxigenic cyanobacteria (blue green algae)
Klebsiella pneumonia


In trials, Credence was applied as a spray to the bottle and calfeteria teats at a concentration of 1500 mg/l for 5 seconds. Contamination with disease organisms was reduced to to virtually zero. In farm buildings swabs taken over a 15 day period from calf pens showed that Credence is important in maintaining hygiene. Annals of the 23rd Brazilian Congress of Veterinary Medicine recorded that “The use of Credence revealed a quantitative reduction of the bacteria…., which are most times associated with neonatal enteritis, which were isolated from the calves pens, suggesting the efficacy of the product on the environments studied.” As there is increasing concern regarding toxicity from using certain disinfectants on farm, it is reassuring to know that Credence performed excellently in an EU residues study and in a 1995 impact study was confirmed as biodegradeable and environmentally friendly. For full information on the research trials conducted in a variety of species of animals including the control of toxic blue green algae in water, see


Research has shown that New Zealand rural water supplies are commonly contaminated with toxic bacteria, protozoa and algae. These cause poor growth, gastroenteritis, neurotoxicity, liver and kidney damage and can be fatal to young animals. Effective cleaning of housing and equipment as well as biosecurity on farm is essential to limit disease exposure. CREDENCE is an effective sanitiser that is highly effective for treating rural water – keeping it free of toxic organisms – and for all your disinfecting and sanitising needs. CREDENCE can be used for cleaning equipment, buildings, concrete yards and for foot baths as part of an effective biosecurity program. CREDENCE is cheaper, safer, more flexible and easier to use than to other sanitisers. Soaking for 15 minutes followed by rinsing with clean water will sanitise according to the concentrations below for CREDENCE 1000 product:

UseLitres per tablet
Equipment washing10
Non-porous surfaces15
Hand/udder washing100
Water pipes cleanout200
Drinking water1000


CREDENCE is less corrosive than other disinfectants, without compromising effective cleaning. It can be used in water lines in poultry and pig units and dairy sheds.


Once cleaned with CREDENCE solution, after a single rinse, sheds and equipment are safe for animal contact. Less worry about cleaning teated bottles or animals chewing wood and licking floors. CREDENCE ORDERING

Ask at your local Farmlands store, vet clinic or rural outlets for CREDENCE. CREDENCE is registered on the approved sanitiser and disinfectant list with MPI NZ

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