LWT Animal Nutrition has completed two calf research trials in the last year. Trials are always great to be involved with, as it allows Lucy to get out of the office and do some active animal work – and generating data for clients that can then go forward to be applied on-farm on a practical basis.

Research work is very rewarding that way! There is never such a thing as a bad research result – it either gives you data for marketing or it stops you making claims you cannot substantiate which can come back and bite your later on.

The new facility was purpose built with both horses and calves in mind – and is working pokies online very well taking up to ten calves per pen. The positioning of the site and the use of weldmesh in the design of each pen allows for good airflow in each pen, without calves being able to physically contact each other. We are still debating whether horses or calves are the easiest to work with – and the vote between the technicians is split! So I guess they”re both good species to work with!

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